A Government By the People, For the People

Ever since blockchain has been around, developers seem to be using it for mostly financial solutions. here is my idea for using blockchain as a Governance system that would enable a transparent Government that runs on social-political input from the citizen before making any decisions.

Imagine a country where the identification number of a citizen is tied to a blockchain solution.

Now imagine that every decision that needs to be made is pushed out onto this platform in the form of a national survey. This brings the sentiments of the people into the decision making process and inevitable make all operations transparent and enormously efficient.

i am from Malaysia, and as you all know, we have been in the limelight over the past few years for all the wrong reasons.

Scams and plots like the whole 1MDB fiasco leads to loss of trust and faith in our capability as a Country and a Nation. The fact that the previous government has grossly misconducted they duties to the people should be a huge indicator that the people need to govern their politicians before they run amok with greed and power.

Enter the Blockchain Governing System

Could this be the first digital political party that could be launched in the world?

Of course existing governments will not want this is place as they would lose their power and the ability to get away with the people’s money.

By using transparent systems, the Citizens will know where every dime of funds is utilized.

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