The Scary Point of Where We are in Relation to Italy

We are at the Point where Italy was before the surge of cases began taking hold.

In this time of crisis, it is crucial that we employ technologies that can help us deal with the crisis that is at our door.

With abundance of technologies that can help us, I am gobsmacked at the fact that we are doing things manually and this is almost laughable to me if it were not a life and death situation.

It’s not like we do not have capable people to provide solutions to this problem to help ease the situation, but rather, there are parties that feel like monetization of the efforts is of utmost importance even if that hesitation costs lives.

I’m lucky to have the privileged to work with parties that are ignoring the bottom line and put Malaysian lives first before profit. To Join in this effort, feel free to get in touch with me and share your ideas so that we can make an impact during this global pandemic.

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